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If your are experiencing debt problems, then bankruptcy is just one of many options. When you connect to one of our experienced lawyers, they can analyze your situation and find the best possible option. Whether you want to save your property or restore your credit, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will work with you to meet your objectives. While bankruptcy can be very beneficial for your situation, there are many other options that our experienced attorneys can persuade first.

Debt negotiation
try to work with your creditors and debt collectors to find out if they can make your debt payment more manageable. They may be able to reduce your monthly payments or put a stop on your debts so you can get back on your feet. You may be able to summon them to settle for a smaller amount if everyone is paid at once., Call lump sum. An experienced lawyer can help you negotiate with your creditors, as there are several effective strategies for dealing with credit companies.

Debt counseling
If you negotiate with your creditors they fail, you can ask for the help of a debt counseling agency. These agencies can help you create a payment plan.

Do not take any action
In some cases, the best approach to solving debt problems is to do nothing. If you are your family have low income and are living simply, then the court may consider you to be evidence of trial, or proof of collection. This means that creditors who decide to sue will not be able to take anything! The government states that they will not be deprived of their basic needs and in seven years, their bad credit will be obsolete.


Whether your contemplation of filing a bankruptcy, or looking for a concider to file, you are not alone. With the increase in unemployment and the recent economic recession, more and more people and families are going bankrupt for their financial solution. For those who are drowning in debt, bankruptcy is more than a last resort – it is the only recourse to financial aid.

When answeing “yes” to more than one of the following questions could determine a warning signal in concidering speak with a bankruptcy lawyers immediately.

  • Are you paying for food, gas and other daily necessities with credit cards?

  • Have your interest rates skyrocketed due to late payments?

  • Have you missed multiple mortgage payments and cannot update?

  • Are you working a second job, but still not making a dent in your debt?

  • Is financial stress affecting your personal life and / or work?

  • Are you paying a credit card with another?

A bankruptcy lawyer can help you find the best options for you and your family. Find out your options today and get your finances back on track – regardless of your budget. Call   (310)597-2998   for your free consultation to connect with an experienced bankruptcy attorney near you!



  • CHAPTER 11

  • CHAPTER 13


Based on what type of bankruptcy you qualify, a bankruptcy attorney could help you eliminate credit card debt, medical bills and personal loans, or restructure your debts into a payment plan that allows you to catch up with payments overdue

The best bankruptcy attorneys could also help:

  • Prevent foreclosure so you can stay in your home

  • Potentially eliminate second and third mortgages

  • Stop harassing collection agencies

  • Stop garnishment of wages and bank liens

  • Stop lawsuits against you

If you think a bankruptcy is right for you, talk to a lawyer with bankruptcy experience. Our attorneys have the experience and experience to help you make informed decisions in the bankruptcy process. Call to connect with a bankruptcy lawyer now, regardless of your budget. Call (310)-597-2998


The faster you talk with a bankruptcy attorney, the better. Waiting too long to file bankruptcy can complicate your case. Háztelo easier. Call us to speak with an experienced attorney immediately. Your call is confidential and free consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys at   (310) 597-2998.