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Families should stay together – this feeling is universal, no matter where you are in the world. However, often it is broken because of extenuating circumstances, such as employment opportunities, education, and so on. The United States is home to many who have family abroad. Fortunately, the immigration system in this country allows citizens and legal permanent residents to submit applications for visas for their family members.

If you are looking to bring your spouse, children, parents or siblings to the US, please do not hesitate to contact us at (310) 597-2998. Our highly experienced immigration attorneys have helped visas and benefits for family members of US residents safe. Our experienced immigration attorneys in our network are recognized for reuniting families through the Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States (USCIS) and the immigration court system in your particular state.

To speak with one of our dedicated immigration attorneys about your case today experience. Call for a free consultation at (310) 597-2998.

Criteria for Family Visa Petitions
When his a US citizen can file an immigrant petition for a parent, spouse, sibling, adult (married or unmarried) son and minor. Moreover, you can also file a petition for a boyfriend who is residing abroad. In the event that you are a legal permanent resident in possession of a green card, you also have the right to file immigration petitions for family members. However, your options are more limited. Unlike citizens, legal permanent residents can ask only for spouses, unmarried children younger adults and children.

Their experienced immigration lawyers can educate you on the USCIS. USCIS recognizes and foster relationships “step” and widows / widowers of US citizens, although under limited circumstances. In determining whether you can file a request for a particular family member, his prudent to consult an experienced immigration attorney today at (310) 597-2998.

Facilitate the process of
sponsoring a family member for a visa is far from a simple matter. A magnitude of factors should be taken into account, a lot of paperwork must be completed and delivered, and deadlines and requirements must be met accordingly. Moreover, in some cases approval is not always guaranteed. USCIS is very strict when it comesthe approval process, and even the smallest mistakes or omissions can lead to significant delays and possibly a denial in his presentation.

An experienced immigration attorneys can conduct a thorough assessment of your immigration petition application to ensure that no errors or omissions are present. Our experienced immigration attorneys can also help you meet all deadlines and avoid the pitfalls of the process so that your meeting is not delayed unnecessarily.

Turn to us for their   Immigration Needs
Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your immigration case, you should begin working with an immigration attorney sooner rather than later. Onother hand, this saves you time, money and effort rather than suffer the costs of a lengthy process.

Contact our experienced immigration attorneys today at (310) 597-2998.

Your first consultation is   free
individuals, families and even business owners can contact our experienced immigration attorneys to get their problem solved, including cases where deportation is imminent. This situation is very serious and our experienced immigration attorneys are committed to providing exceptional legal advice at affordable prices in all immigration matters.

keep families together can be a priority, an experienced immigration attorneys know how important it is that these problems are solved quickly and the threat is addressed. Immigration laws are lengthy and complex, and could not be more important to have the representation of a law firm that has the commitment and experience you need to get the problem under control. Call contact an immigration attorney experienced today at (310) 597-2998.

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